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Welcome to Calgary's most unique health club, Epic Health and Wellness. We have been transforming body, mind, and spirit for nearly a decade, and now have a new location. EPIC is like no other gym, no treadmills, no smith machines, no elliptical.......YOU are the cardio machines. Our experienced trainers and 'real world equipment' are only a few of the things that make EPIC so unique. Our unmatched programs and uncompromising staff create an atmosphere that makes getting fit an inspiring adventure.

We offer a wide range of private and group classes, all professionally designed and led which target your unique needs. Our class sizes are limited and you are guaranteed a spot, enabling you the ability to plan your workouts each week to achieve the results you want.  Some of the Group classes offered include: Olympic Weight lifting, Bootcamp (the real deal), Sports Conditioning/Circuit, Kettle Bell Medley, and Stones and Groans. We also offer private boxing lessons, personal training, Athletic therapy, and Acupuncture.

EPIC has all the amenities of a modern health club including change rooms, showers, massage, acupuncture, and a social room all in a private club setting.  However, we do not rely on just our amenities to make us the leader in fitness.  We believe that knowledgeable, dynamic staff is essential to your, and our success, therefore our trainers have all been educated and certified in their respective fields of expertise.  Our staff are required to have a deep knowledge of physiology and understanding of current fitness trends. Our trainers are not here to judge you; they are here to discover you.

Strengthening Body and Mind for over a Decade
Your fitness will never be the same

Open daily
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(403) 619-5179 
B 1133 - 17 ave nw
Calgary Alberta

                  Darrel the owner of EPIC shouldering the 250lb stone.
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